Typeface Research

Course Description

Ultimate Learning Pro is a new and easy to use LMS (Learning Management System) plugin. If this is your first time using such a system, then you are in luck! We are going to show you the basics of setting up and starting your WordPress Learning website. Follow this course to gain insight into how a course is made, sold and most importantly, learn how to make your own!


Ultimate Learning Pro is a new WordPress LMS Plugin that will help you create a premium Learning platform for your future Students & Instructors. You’ll be able to easily create courses, reward your students, gather feedback and much more!

You can turn your website into a real business, sell courses through all of the popular methods and have instructors manage your students, start your premium learning platform today!

Learning Summary

  • By the end of this course you will have a better understanding of ULP;
  • You will know how to extend the plugin’s functionality by using magic features;

Target Audience

  • Users that want to create an online learning system;
  • Developers which want to contribute to ULP;
  • Users that want to become an instructor in a LMS;
Basic Quiz 01
Course Curriculum
Graphic Design
1. Making Images
Thumbnail Sketches Preview 50 points 10m
Composition Scale 50 points 12m
Black & White Images 50 points 10m
Space & Narrative 50 points 22m
Basic Quiz 02 50 points 30m
Basic Quiz 01 50 points 30m
2. Typography
Typeface Research Preview 50 points 10m
Helvetica 50 points 16m
PT Sans vs Serif 50 points 21m
Final Quiz 50 points 30m